Running from the blues

People run for all reasons – some to achieve a goal, lose weight or tone up, others to experience the community that comes with running.  Some people run for the competition; a few run only when being chased.

For me, while I love the weight management aspect and the community I have found in fellow runners, my number one reason for lacing up is to beat the blues.  Runner’s high is absolutely real, and while I can sometimes feel the same effects from a good spin class or weight-lifting session, nothing beats the emotional high I get from running.

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I tend, in life, a little toward the blue side of things.  And I can tell when it has been too long since my last run.  I start to feel down on myself, with less motivation and drive to be working toward my goals, meeting new people or just maintaining life.  It’s atthat point when I have to stop and think…”when was the last time I went for a run?”.  Nine  times out of ten it wasn’t yesterday – and it probably wasn’t even in the last week.  For me, more than anything else, it’s what I have to do for peace of mind, for release of stress and to recapture my more positive outlook.

So yes, completing a race feels wonderful, but beating the blues on my own…that’s why I run.

p.s. – this weekend I’ll be cheering on my sister-in-law in her first marathon!  I’m excited to witness such an amazing accomplishment.  Now that’s a runner’s high.


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