Endless Lace

My latest knitting project was, surprisingly, not a baby item – it was for me!  I’m not one to knit for myself too often, but in this case it was for a good cause… it used up some of the leftover yarn from my stash.  This pattern is for a regular scarf, but because I was a little short on yarn, it worked out much better to seam the ends together for an infinity scarf.  It’s perfect!  I think I’ve worn it almost non-stop since it came off the needles.

For those of you non-knitters out there who may not be familiar with the term “blocking”, lace knit patterns don’t just magically come off the needles looking this good.  You actually have to soak the finished piece first…

And then stretch it out, pinning the edges, to dry…

Here’s a quick view of the piece right after it came off the needles, compared with what it looks like after drying.  Quite a difference, no?

It’s always nice to make a piece that you’ll use and love and it’s even better when that pieces clears space in your stash for new yarn!


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