“Guaranteed to Make You Feel Good”

I have a thing for Putumayo.  Much like a good glass of wine can cure a tough day, so too can Putumayo.  Whenever I’ve had a day that has given me a beating, I walk in the door and head straight to the stereo to play one of these records and all is right.  The music is upbeat, which certainly helps, but mostly I think it’s that the music transports you to somewhere else.

When I listen to “Music of the Coffeelands“, for example, I’m no longer in Cincinnati; I’m standing in a house by the beach in Costa Rica with the wind blowing through the open windows as I dance around in my flowing dress.  You don’t believe me?  Try it.  It’s like an hour-long vacation for $14.98.

And if that’s not enough for you, the label’s motto is “Guaranteed to Make You Feel Good”.  And that, it does.

Having a less than stellar day?  Grab whatever suits your fancy in terms of location and prepare to travel.

Bon Voyage!


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