A Week in the Life

When I first decided to give up flour and sugar I thought, “what will be left?”.  Well surprisingly, quite a bit!

The biggest adjustment has been the flour more than the sugar, and specifically granola, bread and pizza.  No more granola with almond milk and fruit for breakfast, no more toast with your eggs, no more PB&J when you’re in a rush, and no more pizza.  These have been tough.  The other things I’ve had to give up have not been so bad: I was never one to make pasta that often or do a lot of baking (remember I just moved from the swamp where you use your oven maybe 3 months out of the year).   But the biggest adjustment so far has been learning to feel comfortable with not being completely full.  I was used to eating until I couldn’t eat anymore and now I finish most meals feeling that I could definitely eat more, I just choose not to.

I am not going to lie though and say that the first week without sugar or flour was easy because it was not!  I was cranky because I was hungry, I was frustrated because I didn’t know what to eat, and I felt fatigued without any sugar “highs”.  But somewhere around day 4 or 5 I started to adjust and my energy level started to even out.  Instead of highs and lows throughout the day, I had a more steady stream of energy.  Now, I have not become the energizer bunny, but I am not reaching a point in each day where I feel that I must take a nap or grab some caffeine for fear of not making it.

What does a week of eating without sugar and flour look like?  It looks like this:

This is my food journal the Week One of the challenge

I am averaging a pound a week in weight loss, with which I am completely ok.  I think the slower it comes off the more likely I will be to maintain it.  My goals moving forward are to increase exercise and cut back on snacking.  I’m using my snacks as a crutch right now to get me from meal to meal and I think I might be over-doing it a bit.  I am learning a lot and will continue to make tweaks to my routine to improve how I’m feeling.

What do you think?  Could you give up flour and sugar for a week or two to see if you notice a difference?


One thought on “A Week in the Life

  1. emilybarney11

    I could, I may just need a few more choices. I’ve started eating healthier (which is funny because one of the things you can’t eat is what I started eating). I eat 1 light and fit yogurt with a granola bar in the morning and I’m already finding (two weeks in) that I will need to change the flavor of yogurt and the type of granola bar, frequently. I get bored!


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