A Modest Home

Did you know that August is Admit You’re Happy Month?  Neither did I, or  at least not until I read about it on one of our executive’s inter-office blog (yes – they blog… it’s pretty cool).  Her post linked to a more in-depth article on being happy, and as one who is always interested in learning about happiness and how to find more of it, more often, I clicked over to read on.  There were two sentences in the first paragraph that seemed to have been written for me.  Do you ever have moments like that where you recently discuss or think heavily about a topic and then a line appears in something that you’re reading and suddenly everything becomes clear?

Here was that line for me:

“If you can’t be happy with just having a modest home, then you won’t be happy in a mansion. Happiness comes from finding the good in whatever situation you are in.”

Not even a full day earlier, my husband and I were discussing our current living situation.  I have been focused almost solely on becoming a home owner in as short a time as possible and I’ve managed to work in some sort of comment to this effect to most conversations we have these days.  I feel unsettled in our new apartment because my eyes are focused on the future – a future where we are home owners decorating, remodeling and answering to no one but ourselves.

But reading these two sentences put it all into perspective.  When I step back and look at the situation, I see that we have found a great apartment, with everything we need, where we’re not responsible for anything that breaks, and it’s only temporary (we have just a 9 month lease, going to month-to-month after that).  So what is there to complain about?  If I can’t be happy here, what is it about a house that will make me happier?  So until I can answer this question, I plan on settling into this apartment, making it feel like home and creating happy memories here!


2 thoughts on “A Modest Home

    1. Katelyn Post author

      I know. It was perfect timing for me. And I’m sure when finding a house stops being my number one priority the perfect opportunity will present itself. 🙂


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