What I Learned from my First Remix Challenge

Here they are…all 30 outfits in the 30×30 Remix Challenge:

Even though the final outfits just went up a few days ago, I was actually able to complete the challenge in just 34 days.  My goal was 30, but I had to make a few exceptions because of several special events that I managed as a part of my job – crawfish boils, volunteer events, etc.  I was worried going into this that I wouldn’t be able to stick it out, but it actually went by pretty quickly and I honestly could have remixed a few more outfits!  So now that it’s over and I’ve had some time to reflect, I thought I’d share what I learned:

  1. I have too many clothes!  When I took out the 30 pieces I had selected for this challenge, it didn’t even make a dent in my closet.  Who needs that many clothes?  I am going to be working on that and will share my progress.
  2. Fewer options made for easier and faster decision-making.  The first day after I had worn my 30th outfit, I woke up, opened my closet doors, and reverted to my old complaint of “I have nothing to wear.”  It was amazing how when I only had certain pieces from which to choose, it was a quick and easy decision as to what I would wear that day.  But as soon as I introduced all of the options back into my closet, the decision making process was overwhelming.
  3. Planning outfits in advance made my mornings so much more enjoyable.  Instead of trying on outfit after outfit and finally settling on something just to be able to get out the door on time, the challenge forced me to plan in advance so I would be sure not to repeat an outfit.  Having my outfit already laid out before I even started my morning routine made me more relaxed and helped me get out the door ahead of schedule.
  4. I am lacking in the accessory department.  Looking back at these photos I can’t help but notice that many of these outfits would look a bit more put together if I had a statement piece of jewelry or a handbag to add a bit of flair.  I will slowly be working to build that up and hopefully accessories will allow me to remix more with the clothes I already own.
  5. I’m not that good at having my picture taken!  You would think for someone who has done lots of performing in her life that I wouldn’t be camera-shy, but I was!  Even with my own husband behind the lens.  I have a new found respect for my fellow bloggers who post one great style photo after the next.  It is not easy!!!

Would you ever consider taking on a remix challenge?  I would say that if you have the “I have nothing to wear” syndrome, it couldn’t hurt to give it a try even if it’s just remixing 10 or 15 items.  I think you would realize, like I did, that you are much more creative than you think you are.

Who knows?  Maybe I’ll be back with a remix in the fall.

3 thoughts on “What I Learned from my First Remix Challenge

  1. Robin

    I loved this! I am thinking of taking some hints from this for traveling. Less clothes=less bags=less fees and hassle!

  2. LynAn

    Hi there 🙂 Found the link on Rian’s blog!!
    Enjoyed reading your post 🙂 And you’ve pulled off great looks!!! I especially agree with you on “planning outfits in advance”. It really makes mornings pleasant and enjoyable!!!

  3. Truth and Cake

    Wait, so this is only 30 pieces of clothing? It looks like way more! You did an amazing job mixing things up. I love all of the outfits, especially #24 (that blue skirt looks fab on you, definitely a keeper!). This is a really cool idea and I love the way you presented it. Since I’ve gotten serious about culling and purging the last year or so, I’ve also noticed that less is definitely more. When you can’t see what’s in your closet, most of it just goes to waste. Congrats on completing the challenge and coming up with so many cool outfits!


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