Going out with a Bang!

This is my “I made it to outfit 29” face!  Can you tell I’m getting excited?  Not quite as excited as I was to found this Oddities Live! Inside sign.  Capturing a jump-shot looked a lot better in my head, but I think it fits well with the phrase.  It will take some practice looking graceful while jumping.

Now, the outfit I’ve been waiting for…NUMBER 30!

(Warning: You may need sunglasses to make it through the rest of these pictures!)

My pink pants finally met their match! This is without any photo editing too.

And that’s a wrap to my first 30 x 30 Challenge!  It’s about time seeing as it’s the middle of summer!  Actually, I was able to complete the challenge in 34 days, I was just a little slower in getting everything up on the blog.  I’ll be back later this week with a recap of the challenge and what I learned in taking this on.  Thanks for sticking around to see it through with me!

And just in case you were wondering what’s behind the gate…

Your guess is as good as mine.


One thought on “Going out with a Bang!

  1. kelseyschwanz

    CUTE POST!! I love the outfits, and the photos were some of my favorite! Give yourself more credit for the jump shot. I thought it turned out great! Excellent scenery choices as per usual. Glad you had fun with the challenge. I had fun watching it unfold. Looking forward to Cinci posts.


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