Marian the Librarian

Libraries and musicals – two staples in my life that I am grateful to my parents for having introduced to me.  As a kid I participated in “book it” at Pizza Hut (always exceeding the quota and receiving a free personal pizza), completed every summer reading program at the library, and even had my first “real” job shelving books at the public library.  Not enough for you?  I happened to marry someone who may love libraries even more than me.  He worked at the campus library throughout college and we used to have “date” bike rides downtown to the main library – our idea of a fun time!  More recently, we even had our engagement photos taken in the book stacks at our local library (more on that later).

That’s a long-winded way of introducing these photos taken in front of our local library branch.

Back to reading and MUSICALS!  I wear my “spectacles” necklace when I want to channel my inner “Marian the Librarian”.  If you don’t know who she is, you need to get yourself to the library and check out The Music Man.  So good.

The inspiration for this outfit came, once again, from Kendi Everyday.


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