In or Out

Most of us have two options when it comes to dinner – eat in or eat out.  I’d like to say that we eat most meals at home, but lately with everything that’s been going on I must admit that we’ve been eating out more than usual.  Even on nights when we decide to cook, that process still involves a quick trip down the street to our local grocery store – Mardi Gras Zone – for a few missing ingredients.

And because I don’t typically have the paparazzi follow me to and from the store, I wear flip-flops for the walk, which you can just barely see above.  It’s nice not being famous!

So for the nights when we’re not picking up groceries, a staple of ours is to ride to the quarter for a grilled cheese and fries or an omelet at Camelia Grill.

We don’t usually stop for sight-seeing when we’re on a mission to find dinner, but this was a “special occasion” a.k.a. an outfit shoot.


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