Framing Cincinnati

This print, which WE LOVE, is one of those surprise gifts  where you open with anticipation, not recognizing the wrapping, and as soon as it’s uncovered you have to wonder how the gift-giver could have hit the nail so right on the head.   Thanks to our cousin Molly and family, we are the proud owners of a Cincinnati neighborhood map by the talented duo over at These Are Things.

I forget how I originally came across this shop, but at the time they only offered a Columbus, Ohio neighborhoods map.  I reached out to them to see if they ever took requests and specifically asked about Cincinnati, to which they replied that it was definitely a city on their radar but that they had no plans to create a print in the near future.  I don’t know when they started producing Cincy, but I’m glad they did and I’m glad that Molly found it!

For such a great print, we decided that it was worth the investment to have it professionally framed.  There is a small frame shop not far from my work that came highly recommended to us.  The couple who runs the shop was extremely helpful in walking us through all of the options and decisions we would need to make in terms of type of frame, color of mat, number of mats, thickness of map, type of glass and all of this while keeping our budget in mind.

We picked it up last Saturday and are SO pleased with the results.  The aqua trim that is subtle enough but still helps to draw out the same color within the print and the simple white frame and mat play so well with the clean details of the map.  Now all that’s left is getting it up on the wall!

I would definitely recommend supporting a local frame shop over a larger craft store frame department.  We received great service at a reasonable price and also felt like we made a couple of friends!


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