It’s all in the neighborhood

I do love that blue skirt – power color, power cut – and I’m pretty sure I would be wearing it this often even if it weren’t part of my 30×30 challenge.

These photos pretty much sum up an evening after work where we have time to traipse around the neighborhood looking for unique details like yellow brick roads (er arrows), interesting bark or flowers that grow like there’s no tomorrow.  It’s all in the neighborhood…

…including the trains.  Have I ever mentioned that we live about 2 blocks from a very busy train track?  I’ve gotten so used to it by now that I only remember how loud they are when we have the occasional visitor who can’t stop commenting on the frequency of the train whistles.  And then of course you definitely remember them when you’re standing right next to the tracks trying to take a decent photo and one chugs by blowing its horn at every block to warn cars since there is no official railroad crossing.  In that case…plug your ears!


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