Green & Red

What beautiful scenery!  All the green and the wide open spaces go so well with a comfortable chambray shirt.  I could have just rolled around in the grass taking it all in.

We were in Kentucky to celebrate the life of my grandfather – an amazing man who led a long and fulfilling life and that weekend I witnessed the family who loved him and learned so much from him.  Being back in Kentucky, the place I spent many a summer visiting my grandparents, was beautiful.  I have a much greater appreciation now for the culture and scenery than I ever did as a kid.  I hope to be back often in the coming years to spend time with my grandmother.

I have plans to take more photos (and better photos) in front of this building.  It’s an old firehouse that was auctioned off to the public several years ago and is now a private residence.  The owners sometimes open up those large red doors and have parties that spill out onto the street.  This picture just doesn’t do it justice.  We will definitely be back here for more.


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