Punches of Color

I’m slowly getting a tiny bit more comfortable with having my picture taken in random spots in the neighborhood.  I still have a tendency to glance around to see who’s looking at me thinking how ridiculous I am to be parading around the block with a “photographer”.  But I’m realizing that most people are more preoccupied with their own business than to notice that I’m in the middle of a photo shoot.  And the one time someone has acknowledged my situation, it was only to say “You look so pretty.”  And then I didn’t feel embarrassed – just flattered.  So here’s my attempt at looking cool while trying not to look over my shoulder at the sound of someone walking by…

I have to say we’re pretty lucky in that our neighborhood provides some great backdrops with all the colorful houses (and that vintage truck!).  Now if only there was off-street parking so that every photo didn’t include a few cars.  Oh to dream…

Isn’t this scarf amazing?  The colors are so vibrant and it easily pairs with so many things in my closet.  It was a lovely Christmas gift from my sister-in-law (who has great taste, by the way).

p.s. – In case you missed the beginning, these outfits are part of my 30×30 Remix Challenge.  You can read about it here


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