My How Time Flies!

It’s hard to believe that today marks our two-year anniversary in New Orleans.  It was April 10, 2010 when we loaded a truck in Cincinnati and set off for New Orleans with our best friend, all of our belongings, and 2 very unhappy cats.

So much has happened in our personal lives these last two years on top of everything else that is par for the course with moving to a brand new city and starting new jobs.  In the midst of work, weddings and just life in general, we have tried our best to explore and enjoy this crazy city.  Here are some highlights from our first year.

First dinner in New Orleans - Cochon (april 2010)

Parents' visit - Cafe du Monde (july 2010)

Snoballs in the park (bestie's visit july 2010)

Complimentary champagne at Jacquimo's

Beads on Bourbon (family visit august 2010)

Drinks at Tonique with friends (january 2011)

Discovering the Pimm's Cup (spring 2011)

Mardi Gras 2011

Exploring Louisiana Loom Works (march 2011)

And here we are settled into our 2nd apartment in the city.  We love our eclectic neighborhood and the location of this place.  There’s always so much to do that’s just a walk or bike ride away!

Stay tuned for a few photos from year 2.  Where did the time go??


2 thoughts on “My How Time Flies!

  1. Nanci

    Love this!!!! Well- I love your blog!!! Have been sharing it with my knitting group and other friends!
    You are an AMAZING young woman! We are sooo proud of you!


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