Trying a Trend | Colored Denim

I did it.  I jumped on the fashion bandwagon and bought colored denim.  I had no plans to indulge in the trend this season, and I actually wasn’t out and about the other night to shop for clothes, but something came over me and I’m glad it did!

I have pinned several outfits with colored denim pants thinking that at some point down the road I might think about being adventurous and try a pair.  If I did, the easiest transition into my wardrobe would probably be blue (close to denim), white (summer staple) or red (love that color) – how very patriotic of me!  So what did I end up getting?

Bright PINKish CORAL!!!

I am in love.  I passed by the Limited the other night and was drawn in by their sign – “Dresses 40% Off” – only to learn that pants were buy one get one free!  How could I resist?  I started out by trying on some sensible options like khaki trousers, but when I switched to bright bold colors, my mood immediately lifted.   I admit I was skeptical about a color this bright, but as soon as they were on, I knew they were for me.  It’s not very often anymore that I try something on and get excited about it.  Thanks to these pants, I was reminded that you should take an occasional risk and only bring home pieces that you love.

Here is some styling inspiration I’ve been collecting to help me pull off the look:





I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of these pants.  Hope they’re not too bright for you!


2 thoughts on “Trying a Trend | Colored Denim

    1. Katelyn Post author

      You should go back and get them! I am having fun putting together outfits and I love the bright color. Let me know if you end up changing your mind on those shorts!


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