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I wanted to share a quick look at my latest knitting project – a blanket for my sister and brother-in-law’s “expecting” friends.  This was a project with a deadline and did it ever test my speed-knitting skills!  I have to say that I am very pleased with how it turned out and I’m a bit impressed with how quickly I was able to get it off the needles.

My sister picked out everything – the pattern, the yarn and the color.  It was actually quite nice to have someone else making all the knitting decisions for a change.  I think she really picked a winner with this color – don’t you?  Their friends plan to keep the baby’s gender a surprise, so we were initially thinking of yellow.  But after talking more about the couple, their taste and their personalities, I think this pastel seafoam color (actually called robin’s egg) will suit them perfectly!

When I mentioned a tight deadline for this piece, I wasn’t kidding.  I started it on March 11th and finished it on March 28th.  That’s a pretty quick turnaround for someone who works more than full-time and has lots of other things going on.  So on Wednesday (the 28th) for my lunch break, I ran home to knit 2 more rows before binding off and then sewed in about 10 loose ends, all in less than 25 minutes.  Then I snapped a few pictures for the blog (I almost forgot!), tossed it in a bag along with some packing tape and a sharpie and headed to the post office to make it in time for the afternoon pick-up.  It went priority mail to arrive on Friday – just in time for gifting.  Whew!!  Talk about cutting it close.

Here it is all folded and ready to be mailed:

I highly recommend this pattern, knitted in this yarn specifically, for a beautiful, soft and quick knitted baby gift.  As always, I hope to see pictures of it in use once the baby arrives (that’s a hint to my sister)!

And now, I am officially on a break from knitting baby blankets.  But what next?


19 thoughts on “Baby Blanket | Classic Cables

    1. Katelyn Post author

      Hi Rebecca. There is a link to the pattern in my post. You can purchase it from I originally downloaded it from the Ravelry ( knitting community site. If you’re not familiar with it, definitely check it out. You could lose hours looking at patterns and projects. Happy Knitting!

  1. Theresa

    I downloaded the pattern but in that you give a different yarn then the one that is lited below..can you let me know what yarn you used or would recommend..still new to knitting been 20 years since I knitted so not used to wool types that would work would love some suggestions thanks so much

    1. Katelyn Post author

      Hi Theresa. Welcome back to knitting! There is a link to the yarn that I used in the post. It is the Berroco Comfort. I highly recommend this yarn because it is so easily washable, which is always helpful for baby items. I have knitted this blanket in a worsted wool blend before, but I would only recommend that for a winter baby as it was extremely warm. The Berroco comfort is a little lighter and more breathable. Good luck and let me know if you have any other questions!

  2. Dimmy


    Just wanted to ask if you would knit this same blanket for me in sea form (as is) and cream ? If yes can you let me know the cost ? I am expecting and is very much in love with this blanket .. I don’t know how to knit if not I would have given it a go for sure 😉

  3. knittingluvr2

    Just bought my pattern for this. I make baby blankets for new baby dedications at church. I can hardly wait to get started on this beauty! You did an awesome job!

  4. Martine

    This blanket is beautiful,
    What size needle did you use??
    The wool is so lovely , did you use the amount on the pattern? 6 balls?
    Thank you.

  5. A

    Hi Katelyn: Love the blanket! My aunt is knitting me a blanket and I’m going to use your post as a reference. Did you think the yarn you used was soft enough?

    1. Katelyn Post author

      I love the bernat yarn. It’s not fuzzy soft but it’s definitely softer than a wool yarn or more standard blanket yarn. It’s biggest selling point I think is how easy it is to wash and it comes in great colors beyond just your typical pastel pink, blue and yellow. Would love to see pictures when it’s finished!

  6. A

    Hi Katelyn: Thanks for your reply. In your link it goes to Berroco Comfort Yarn. But in your reply you reference Bernat Yarn. Just want to make sure I get the right kind. 🙂 Thanks!

  7. Alysia

    Hi I was wondering what the name of this pattern was? My auntie is expecting and I really like this blanket and I think she will to. Thank you

  8. Meg Szulc

    Hi Katelyn,
    I love the pictures of this baby blanket and am ordering yarn in the same make and color. May I ask you how many skeins I should order? Would six be correct? Thank you so much!

    1. Katelyn Post author

      Hi Meg,
      Six would be plenty. If I’m reading my notes correctly, it looks like I ended up using 4. I do have a looser stitch, so if you are a tight knitter, you may want 5. You can also easily add to the length of the blanket too, in which case an extra skein wouldn’t hurt. Happy Knitting! This truly is one of my favorite baby blankets.

      1. Meg Szulc

        Hi Katelyn, My yarn arrived yesterday! I followed the pattern author’s advice, and have done a swatch. Now, since I’m a really tight knitter, I am intentionally trying to knit loosely. The gauge does work out to be 3.5 stitches = 1 inch, but that’s not with much pulling. I’m comparing my swatch to your posting pictures, and I don’t think it looks as elegant. Guess my question is, did your gauge end up matching her’s without stretching/blocking? or is it a little tighter? I am super impressed with the yarn! It is so light and lovely! Am making this for a baby in Florida, so this will be perfect. Thank you.

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