Lacing Up My Running Shoes

Since we moved to New Orleans 2 years ago, I have not been running consistently like I used to.  In Cincinnati I was a part of a running group that regularly trained for races and it was something that I looked forward to every week.

There are several reasons for my running hiatus – the heat & humidity make running outside 8 out of 12 months pretty unbearable, then it’s a matter of finding a gym with appropriate facilities for indoor running, and most recently Idealt with an old knee injury that returned because I was out of shape.  I spent the summer seeing a physical therapist and got the knee problem under control, so now it’s just a matter of motivation.  And it shouldn’t be hard, because nothing else has filled the gap for me physically or mentally.

I am ready to lace up my shoes and rediscover my love of running!

They say that setting an achievable goal is only part of the process.  Making that goal public by telling at least one other person, holds you accountable to follow through.  I have set a very modest goal for myself to get back into the habit of running, and to hold myself accountable to that goal – I am telling you.

I will run a 5K race in the next 3 months

So by the end of June I will have the registration and picture to prove it.  My next steps are researching upcoming races, registering and training!  With the summer approaching sooner than expected, I’m thinking that I should try to accomplish this in the next 6 weeks.  And maybe I can get the husband to do it with me… Mr. Former Cross Country Star!


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