A Productive Weekend In

I spent almost the entire weekend at home working on various projects, the biggest being adding some design to the kitchen.  I also managed to make it to the halfway point in my current knitting project, start a new book and watch some basketball – proud to be from Ohio!  At one point on Saturday I decided it was time to venture out of the house, so I set out to pick up a few items needed for a project and of course, ended up bringing home a few extras.

I know this is not fun or DIY project related, but I’m glad I remembered it as I passed by Office Depot because it is a necessity.  I am embarrassed to say that we haven’t started on our taxes yet!  I’m hoping that seeing this box everyday on the desk will make me feel guilty enough to finally sit down and get it done!

While I was there  for the tax software, I couldn’t help but pick up a few new pens for my journaling.  I am always in search of a pen that I will fall in love with.  Maybe these will do it.

I was side-tracked on my mission and ended up with some new shoes…oops.  I think they will be staple in my wardrobe this spring AND they were a steal!

And last but not least – what I actually set out for!  (supplies for several DIY kitchen projects)

I hope I didn’t use up all my energy for the week!  One of these weekends I’m going to do absolutely nothing.  But who am I kidding, I’ve never been very good at that!  Have a wonderfully productive week.


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