Sweet Cards

I had quite the productive lunch hour yesterday.  It was the first day this week where I actually had that hour to myself – not filled with a deadline, a dentist appointment or a meeting – so I wanted to make the most of it.  And did I ever!

I stopped by the post office to mail an important package (“if it fits it ships” is the best!), paid a visit to the bank to tie up some loose ends, and popped in to a great little shop by work and picked up a few of these sweet cards from Positively Green

They pair clean and simple images with vibrant colors and beautiful quotes.  I am in love!

I had not visited their website before today, and I am amazed by the variety of cards offered.  I will definitely be creating a stash, or should I say collection, of these beautiful cards for upcoming special occasions or just everyday notes of hello.  Family & friends – sorry to spoil it, but now you know what to expect in your mailbox!

I’ll leave you with one of their messages.  Can you guess the occasion?


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