Oscar Checklist

My husband and I see a fair number of movies, whether in theaters or on DVD, and each year before the Academy Awards I like to compare the films I’ve seen to those nominated.  It should be just for inspiration, but it’s also a sort of score card to see how cultured I am.  Typically I look at 3 categories –  Best Picture, Actor in a Leading Role, and Actress in a Leading Role – to make my comparisons and then I create a list of must-rent-films.  Here is how we did this year…

Combined List of Films  – we saw 4 out of 15 (not so good):

I have to admit that I had never even heard of 4 of these films before the nominations were announced.  This list should keep our local RedBox in business for a while (yes, I gave up Netflix a year ago – more on that later).

Oh, and here is what I would be wearing tonight if I had been invited AND if Mila Kunis hadn’t already worn it to last year’s Academy Awards.  Absolutely beautiful…

{image courtesy of noniesworld.wordpress.com}


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