Tutu Much Fun

Maybe it’s because I had dreams of becoming a ballerina when I was little… or maybe it’s because I live in a city that takes costumes to a new level, but either way I have been pining for a tutu for a LONG time now and I finally decided that Mardi Gras 2012 would be the perfect occasion.  After researching methods for making my own tutu (no-sew), I decided to take a peek at what Etsy had to offer.  It was there that I discovered Total Tutu.  Their colors are beautiful and bright and the designs dream-like.  BUT, I’m not one to buy something that I know I can make myself.  Luckily for me Total Tutu offers a DIY Tutu kit.  I was sold!  I figured by the time I drove out to the suburbs for materials, purchased everything I would need, and cut all the tulle to size, I would spend as much, if not more (including the value of my time and gas) than I would purchasing the DIY kit ($25).

So I made my selections – waist band size, tulle colors (up to 5) and tutu length – and hit purchase!  My package arrived just 2 days later and I set to work with Mardi Gras right around the corner.

The materials were neatly wrapped and included detailed instructions and a mini sample.

I didn’t put too much thought into the distribution of the different shades of purple around the waistband.  I just wanted to be sure it looked random and full.  That whole process took me a little over an hour if I had to guess.  And it was FUN!  Even the cats wanted to be a part of the activities (they take turns sitting behind me on the red chair).

To complete the outfit I threw on some yellow tights, purple swimsuit and purple top, bright red earrings and of course, some beads.

This is me in awe of all the amazing costumes I saw that day.  So creative!!

It was a great Tuesday, but I am glad the weekend is here for recovery.  Have a great one!


2 thoughts on “Tutu Much Fun

  1. Katelyn Post author

    @thelairweddings THANKS! I was lucky that I had them stashed in my closet from a sale earlier this year. Definitely helped with the mardi gras colors.


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